Hidden dinosaur adventure in Utah!

The greatest snow on earth is Utah’s catch phrase. But when the snow melts away and the summer heat is on, dinosaurs can be found in many places in this state. One of those places is the George S. Eccles’ Dinosaur Park. This adventurous park is both fun and educational for the young and old. With more than eight acres of natural habitat for these life-sized creatures, you’re sure to get your dinosaur fix for the summer here! So, if you’re looking for a hidden adventure in Northern Utah, and there’s no snow on the ground, head to this indoor/outdoor dinosaur museum for a trip to the past!

The George S. Eccles’ Dinosaur Park is in Ogden, Utah. Located at the mouth of the Ogden Canyon, the outdoor portion of the park has a beautiful backdrop of the Wasatch Front mountain range. The park boasts a working paleontology lab (that is observable) and more than 100 specimens that include animatronics and state-of-the-art sound systems. These dinosaurs are life size, move and make noise!

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