Dinosaur exhibition captures visitors’ imagination

KUALA LUMPUR: Dinosaurs like the menacing meat-eating Tyranno-saurus Rex as well as giant furry spiders came to life and awed visitors to the Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs Are Back exhibition.

Visitors were impressed by the life-like interactive models of dinosaurs and gained insights into the world of various insects such as ants, beetles and the praying mantis.

The exhibition features exhibits of 11 dinosaur and 25 insect structures from Denmark.

“We decided to present this exhibition because it will help educate people, especially children, about pre-historic creatures.

“It is important for us to know history and enrich our knowledge,” said F&R Exhibition and Conference Sdn Bhd chairman Admiral (Retired) Tan Sri Abu Bakar Jamal.

The exhibition, organised by F&R Exhibition and Conference, is supported by the Education Ministry and the National Cancer Council. It will be held until May 17.

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