'Dinosaurs' to walk fieldhouse floor

After nearly 10 years of playing host to hundreds of basketball games, concerts and special events, Conseco Fieldhouse will be dealing with an entertainment animal of a different sort this summer: the dinosaur.

"Walking with Dinosaurs," a theatrical arena show inspired by the award-winning BBC documentary of the same name, will roar into Conseco for an eight performances July 8-12. A "live"17-foot tall baby T. Rex was introduced to the media and about 50 excited school kids today at a press conference at the fieldhouse.

"We've had all kinds of different events here but nothing quite like this," said Rick Fuson, chief operating officer for Pacers Sports and Entertainment.

During the two-hour show, a narrator and 15 life-sized animatronic puppets operated by radio frequency or by performers concealed inside the dinos take viewers through three separate eras in dinosaur history, from evolution to extinction. Creatures including the stegosaurus, allosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex and a 72-foot tall brachiosauras will roam the fieldhouse floor amid a natural-like setting, moving and sounding like how scientists believed they did.

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