Exhibition dinosaurs in Belgrade

At an exhibition to be opened in June in Belgrade, skeletons of dinosaurs, the longest one being 17 meters, will be displayed. This ambitious project, entitled THE GIANTS OF PATAGONIA, is organized by the Belgrade Natural History Museum and the Argentinian association Grupo Cultural. More on this exhibition from the PR manager of the Belgrade Natural History Museum Aleksandra Savić. She was interviewed by Dušica Maticki.

At this moment, the dinosaurs are at an exhibition in Haifa, Israel. They are to travel by ship to Serbia and then by mainland to Belgrade. In the past four years, this exhibition has been viewed by half a million people. In these regions, it was first staged in Romania and Hungary. There will be 15 dinosaur species on display, seven of which have a complete skeleton. Taking into account their popularity among children, which rose especially after the Jurassic Park films, a special set design was conceived. In order to attract as many visitors as possible, the museum started a markting campaign in late 2008, but the most difficult part was to provide an adequate area to house the gigantic exhibits. Visitors will also be able to see the skeleton of herbivore Rebahiosaurus, 17 meters long, and of bloodthirsty carnivore Gigantosaurus Karolini, which is 14 meters long. The venue of the exhibition in Belgrade is still a surprise, as the Natural History Museum has no adequate space to house it. This exhibition is very demanding in terms of technology and organization and the authors of the exhibition to assemble the giants are arriving in Belgrade in a few weeks. Interestingly, the exhibition coincides with the bicentennial of the birth of a famous scientist the creator of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin. The price of tickets wil not be high. This will be the first time that Serbian citizens will be able to see dinosaur skeletons. Speaking of other activities of the Natural History Museum, the PR manager of the Belgrade Natural History Museum Aleksandra Savić pointed to an exhibition of fish species, including 130 exhibits of fish living in the rivers and seas of the Balkans, such as two-meter-long catfish.

From Radio Srbija

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