Dinosaur found in toilet stop near Richmond

A GREY nomad who made a toilet stop in northwest Queensland has found the fossilised remains of a 100-million-year-old marine reptile.
A dig will start next month to uncover the fossil near Richmond, 500km west of Townsville.

Fossils are found prolifically around the town which is the geographical centre of a Cretaceous Period inland sea.

Paul Stumkat, curator of the Kronosaurus Korner museum at Richmond, yesterday said a retired couple from Townsville made the find last year.

"They went to a site near town where the (Richmond Shire) council has had a couple of quarries for road base," Mr Stumkat said. "It's a good place to look for fossils because the overburden has been removed.

"He was about 5km past the quarry when he made a pit stop.

"I just wish I could stop for a pee and stumble over something like that."

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