Professor finds dinosaur fossils

If only those walking the corridors of 30th Street Station this past Monday knew what was underneath them, they might have decided to take a later train just to get one peak at the gigantic fossils being unloaded.

Kenneth Lacovara, assistant professor for the department of biology, has discovered the world's second most massive dinosaur, an achievement he has worked toward for the past five years in Patagonia, Argentina.

"Those bones represent the most complete super-massive dinosaur known, so we are pretty darn excited about this event," Lacovara said.

His team, including Drexel undergraduates, graduate students, and members of the Academy of Natural Sciences, has been digging up this dinosaur every winter since 2004. Years of hard work in the deserts of Patagonia finally paid off when the massive fossils arrived via container ship, docking at Packer Marine Terminal.

"When it finally got here to Philadelphia, I was awestruck," Jessica Battisto, a Drexel alumna, said. Battisto was part of Lacovara's excavation team as a Drexel undergraduate.

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