Student's Dedication Results In Creation Of Dinosaur "Lola"

For Nicki Conaway, a student at St. Louis Community College-Meramec, school projects are a big deal--a very big deal. As part of a Theatre Practicum course, Conaway created "Lola," a 12-foot dinosaur skeleton for the set of the Meramec Theatre production, "Pterodactyls."

Conaway worked closely with award-winning set designers Darren Thompson and Rick Wilmore of the Theatre Department to plan and complete the project. She used large blocks of Styrofoam and special sculpting tools to create the skeletal pieces.

"We started talking about the dinosaur before the end of spring semester of 2008. I just didn't know how difficult and time consuming it would be," Conaway said. "The Practicum was a real life experience that made me see what it would be like to be an actual scenic artist and work with the director, technical director, and shop workers who were constantly working around me."

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