Dinosaurs on sale in NY

NEW YORK - TENS of millions of years have passed since they roamed Earth, but two dinosaurs rampaged through a New York auction house on Monday, selling at near double the pre-sale estimates.

A giant Triceratops skull 1.7m-long and with eye sockets the size of dinner plates - sold at Bonhams' Natural History auction for US$242,000 (S$348,817).

A skull from an Alioramus remotus, cousin of the notoriously fierce T-Rex, went for US$206,000.

The skull, bristling with long teeth, was tiny compared to the gaping Triceratops head, but sold at a premium because of its rarity, said Bonhams' spokesman Staci Smith.

The two skulls had been estimated to go for between US$120,000-US$125,000 and US$120,000-US$140,000 respectively.

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