'Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!'

You knew someone was excited about the "Prehistoric Lake County" exhibit.

"Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!" yelled 3-year-old Joey Jirmasek of Michigan, who was at the Lake County Discovery Museum near Wauconda with his father, Ryan, while spending the week with grandparents Helen and Frank in Antioch.

Joey wasn't even out of the car when he started shouting.

As they got close to the entrance of the museum, Joey saw a mastadon and he was off to see that before the adults corralled him and they entered the exhibit.

As you enter the exhibit there is a lifelike rendering of the head of a dryptosaurus aquilunguis, a 20-foot-long predator that most likely hunted here 67 million years ago. Paleoartist Tyler Keillor created the rendering using research on other, similar dinosaurs regarding color and whether or not they had feathers. (This one does!)

Keillor was going to give a talk on Sunday, but not enough people had registered, so it was cancelled. Still, the exhibit drew people from all over who loved the exhibit for its kid-friendliness and plenty of interesting information for adults.

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