Dinosaur graveyard suggests feeding frenzy

Fossilized remains show how raptor-like dino snacked on baby plant-eaters

Fossilized remains of a feeding frenzy show how a raptor-like dinosaur snacked on baby plant-eating dinosaurs some 73 million years ago in northwestern Alberta.

The discovery of the site took place near Grande Prairie, 280 miles northwest of Edmonton, Canada.

Two paleontologists came across a nesting site and found the remains of baby, plant-eating dinosaurs and the teeth of a predator. The researchers matched the teeth to a Troodon, a raptor-like dinosaur about 6 feet (2 meters) in length. The finding could open new doors for dinosaur research on this part of the continent.

"It established that dinosaurs were nesting at this high latitude," said Tetsuto Miyashita, a paleontology researcher at the University of Alberta. "It also shows for the first time a significant number of Troodons in the area [who] hunted hatchling dinosaurs."

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