Discovery Brings Dinosaurs Roaring to Life

65 million years after they ruled the planet, dinosaurs are back.

A new four-part miniseries on the Discovery Channel peels back the millennia and the skin, revealing a never before seen look at the birth and death of dinosaurs.

Researchers have made incredible leaps in the last year or two, learning previously unknown details about how the giant creatures were born, smelled, thought, acted and more. This Sunday at 8 p.m., a new series captures those advances like never before.

"Dinosaur science really evolves on an annular basis. So much changes year after year," explains "Clash of the Dinosaurs" executive producer Bill Howard to FoxNews.com in an exclusive interview.

"The series sets out to gather the sum total of today's paleontology and scientific knowledge about dinosaurs, letting viewers see what these creatures were like as animals, not prehistoric monsters."

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